NEWS: Celebrating human flight

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  James 3rd at the 1st WWL   OCT 19, 2012
1st World Wingsuit League Race, Tianmen Mountain, China. October 2012. 16 wingsuit flyers, some of the bests in the world, competing in this amazing Race organized by Jeb Corliss.
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  KL Base Boogie   SEP 29, 2012
"KL BASE boogie is awesome!! 46 jumps in 3 days...!!!! one more to go..." (Fred Fugen)
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  Roby & James called for the World Wingsuit League   SEP 09, 2012
On Friday September 7th, it was announced the top wing-suit basejumpers who will attend to the first WWL Race that will take place next October 13-14, at Tianmen Mountain, China.
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  Roberta Mancino's day!   AUG 03, 2012
"Don’t give up on your dreams and you will achieve everything". Roberta Mancino's day... Happy Birthday from Turbolenza.
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Date: AUG 20, 2012
Discipline(s): BASE jumping
Athlete(s): Maurizio Di Palma , Roberta Mancino , Noah Bahnson

Ortisei, Italy. "Festa del volo" - Feast of Flight, a biennal appointment to celebrate the human flight. You can find everything keep you up in the sky here.

During three days, from August 17 to 19, it was held at the field Bugon in Santa Cristina (Ortisei) the two-years appointment with the Feast of Flight, an event organized by the Club of South Tyrolean paragliding. The exhibition included various aerial disciplines: acro-paragliding, parachuting, helicopter shows, aerobatic aircraft and of course a spectacular performance of base-jumping with wing-suit.
Roberta Mancino, Noah Bahnson and I have been requested to attend to this wonderful event and we did few jumps from the helicopter of Elikos, one of the company we collaborate more. In fact, thanks to the good feeling acquired with the two excellent pilots Mirko Mussner and Ascan Barone, we jumped off very close to the mountain and we followed the lines for a proximity flight that overlooked the field of Bugon.
Needless to say, the entire show has delighted the large audience, which stayed until late at night when the big party started with live music and plenty of beer!
We want to thank the organization and all the staff of Elikos or making possible this fantastic weekend.
Dear Ortisei, see you in 2014!

written by
Maurizio di Palma