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D.O.B. Aug 3
Nationality: Italian
Coordinates: Venice Beach, California, USA - Rome, ITALY
Discipline(s): Skydiving , BASE jumping , FreeDiving
Other activities: Salsa dancing, Cooking, Flying Trapeze, Boxing
A.K.A. Robertina

Roberta comes from Italy, renowned for its flair and finesse, which you can see has been ingrained in her. Expressing herself thru many talents her grace and style are the perfect compliment. A remarkable flyer and competitor, Roberta has achieved numerous medals and records in her Skydiving career.
Dancing in the sky with breathtaking grace or flying in a valley of clouds is what drives Roberta. Finding her place in the sky has allowed her to live what most people can only dream of. Choosing to explore other elements, Roberta has begun doing more BASE-jumping, and other sports such as Shark Diving. Connecting with nature has inspired her to keep exploring. Based in Europe and the USA Roberta can find the best places to fly year round.  
Kickboxing, trapeze and dancing are to name a few of her other art forms.
Roberta is an accomplished Skydiving competitor.  A multiple national-champion, she is also a national/world record holder. A wealth of experience has led her toward being a sought after coach in the sky and wind tunnel alike.

Success and determination in everything she does show us that Roberta Mancino has only just begun. One never really knows what she has planned next but we can be sure that it will be something stunning.